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I am always looking for new shows to watch, so I love discovering new shows! I rarely, if ever, get to watch things as they air. With kids, working, and blogging-- time is limited. Most of what I watch is on Amazon. With the free episodes with Prime, I have a wide array of shows at my finger tips. All shows listed are FREE with Amazon Prime.

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1. Drama:
   Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge Season 1 Original UK Edition


I started watching this on a whim (I saw it listed, and thought it looked interesting). I was hooked from the first episode. I completely fell in love with the character of Agnes. The writing and acting are superb, the scenery is amazing, and you get a little piece of (somewhat fictionalized) history. I loved it so much, I purchased the entire second season.

2. Sci-Fi:
   Orphan Black Season 1


Some people may be wondering if I have been living under a rock. I think it was the name of the show that just did not appeal to me. "Orphan Black" seemed very cop show-esque, and the image for the show on Amazon did NOT help. But Amazon kept putting into the list of shows it thought I would like. So, I watched the first episode, and thought, "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS SHOW!!???!!" It is really, really good. Like cancel all of your plans for the weekend good because you are not leaving your television/computer screen. It is about a woman who sees someone committing suicide. She things discovers that the suicide victim looks EXACTLY like her. She is a bit of a recluse, so she decides to take on that person's identity . . . and discovers that her look alike leads a much deeper life than she could possibly have imagined. You will completely fall in love with the main character. The writing and acting are amazing, and it is definitely a show I am glad I did not miss out on.

3.  Reality:   
    Storage Wars Season 1


My sister got me interested in Storage Wars when we were in Jamaica, and I have been hooked ever since. The premise it pretty simple. People try to outbid each other for a storage locker, which may be filled with treasures or junk. As an auction go-er and thrift story shopper, I was almost instantly hooked on the show. I think Jarrod and Brandi are my favorites!

    Enlightened: Season 1

I think (honestly) the reason I never started to watch Enlightened was because the promo photo reminded me of the promo photo from American Horror Story. I am so glad I started watching it though. It is witty, funny, endearing, and just a truly lovely show. I do not understand why it was cancelled because it is really, really good!

This post contains affiliate links, but will not impact your video browsing experience. 

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