Review of Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead

The book Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead, published by Galaxy Press, is a collection of 3 short stories by L. Ron Hubbard.  The stories are Tomb of the Ten Thousand Dead, Price of a Hat, and Starch and Stripes, and I thoroughly enjoyed each of them.  All 3 stories hail from the golden age of pulp fiction, originally published in pulp magazines.
From the mountains of Pakistan, to the forests of Siberia, to the jungles of Haiti, these tales don’t just take you to far off lands; they show you another time and another mindset.  This is not necessarily the mindset of the tales’ protagonists, but rather that of the author and, more broadly, of the American audience he was writing to.  The books illustrate a time when American’s were adventurers, capable of anything simply by being American, and a world where adventure, glory, and treasure might be found on any continent, in any nation, as long as you had the courage to face the challenges and find it.
 The book was a quick and fun read.  Each of the tales has stood the test of time very well. If you like quick and fun tales of adventure, then this book is for you.

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