Dangers of Lack of Sleep


Mamas-- if you are as tired as I am, you NEED a good quality bed to sleep in. I have such terrible back pain, especially in my spine, and I know a better mattress could make my sleep more comfortable!
Lack of sleep not only makes us crabbier, but it effects our overall health as well. We love this article from WebMed which lists 10 negative effects of lack of sleep. http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/excessive-sleepiness-10/10-results-sleep-loss. You know that plate you just dropped? Or that chair you just ran into? Did you know more accidents occur when you are tired??!!!
And as a mom, you are not just taking care of yourself, but of your family as well. Your health is important for a healthy family, and ABC News reports that health issues, such as obesity, can stem from a lack of sleep. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/HeartDisease/health-problems-linked-lack-sleep/story?id=18276497
So purchase a good mattress, get better sleep, and be healthier for YOU and your family!

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  1. I absolutely agree. I have a Sleep Number bed and it makes such a difference by relieving your body's pressure points. I'd had it for about 3 years and I no longer wake with a stiff back.