Allure Beauty Box Sample Society Review May

Well, this is my third month of Sample Society, and I am at a loss with whether I should cancel. This month's box was just ok. Nothing exceptional. However, it included one product that I have wanted to try. The first month I used one product that I still use today (bought the full size). Last month's products have not even been used yet . . . so torn.

This is what was in this month's box:

  • Bamboo Color Care UV Fade Proof Fluide- .25 oz.  (Full size is $24 for 2.5 ounces)= 2.40
  • Strivectin-SDIntensive Concentrate for stretch marks and wrinkles- .75 oz (5 oz is $135) . . . in theory that would make this little tube worth, $25???? I honestly do not like Sti-Vectin and do not see how anyone would pay so much when there are much better products out there. They must have one heck of a marketing budget with all of these free samples everywhere!
  •  Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara- .12 oz (seems small, but a .24 ounce sells for $22. I have used these small tubes in the past and can usually have them last 1-2 months.) Value of perhaps $11?
  • Bond No. 9 perfume (I think it is .25 oz?? I have not opened because of the super cute packaging!) Saks sells 18 of these for $260 . . . $14 for a little perfume sample? I would never pay that, but I admit it is SUPER cute and I LOVE the smell. A bottle of it sells for $170 for 1.7 ounces. Unfortunately, it is not something you can use the discount on, as Beauty Bar does not carry the full size of the perfume
  • ColorScience Loose Mineral Travel Puff-- This is, in theory, the full size. It is just one little applicator and is valued at $10, which is about what it is on the web. I actually looked at this product several times. I have VERY light skin, and I HATE applying sunscreen when at the beach. I never take my face lotion out and about with me, so this was a nice solution. I cannot wait to try it
Because the colorscience was something I wanted to try, I am torn on whether my box was "worth it." When you consider that I then got everything else for $5, I guess it was. I think it is enough of a value for me to try it for one more month! Hopefully no more Stri-Vectin!


  1. I'm trying to decide whether to cancel my subscription, too. Looks like we each like different things - I love the Stri Vectin. The Bond no. 9 is great. I think the first 3 boxes were much better. Hoping that July has more skin care products.

  2. I thought about joining the sample society, but $15 seemed extreme for a box of samples. Allure use to send me samples for free, but they have ceased the free samples since they launched the beauty box program.

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