12 pack of Bai Bubbles as low as $5.97

This is an awesome deal! I think the lowest I have ever seen Bai Bubbles for! Bad Bubbles is Trim Healthy Mama friendly!

This sale DOES require an Alexa enabled device!!!

Here are the steps:

1. Tell your Alexa device, "Alexa, order a Bai Bubbles Variety Pack."
2. Alexa will ask if you want to buy it. Say no. (DO NOT ORDER!!!)
3. Go to this link: http://amzn.to/2k0xwHN to purchase.
4. Clip the coupon if it is not already coupon
5. Choose the Subscribe & Save option and click "Subscribe now"
6.  At check out, you should see 3 discounts taken off, making your total as low as $5.97 with 5 S&S items.

Want to learn more about Subscribe & Save? Click here.

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Feeling Fabulous February!

January is done, and it is time to move on to February! Each year, I choose a "word" to focus on throughout the year. It is kind of like a new year's resolution, but instead focuses on an intention. This year, I chose the word "LOVE."

And February is supposed to be all about love, right?  But this February, I challenge you ALL to do something a little different. Instead of focusing on loving your family, your partner, or the other people in your life, I challenge you to choose YOU to love! Choose your SELF! It is one of the things I am trying for this year-- loving myself more.

So, all this month, I am going to share in ways I am working on loving myself more! There will be giveaways, recipes, reading ideas, and so much more! I cannot wait to share with you the ways I am working on being better to myself each day!