Citrus Lane Review September, Infant Box

SPOILER alert!  I got my box on Saturday and wanted to post then. I just lost track of time.  I would give this box a 3 out of 5 stars.  Even though its not my favorite box, I'm still ADDICTED to the cute, cuddly and sweet boxes!  Join in!

Here it is

My Citrus Lane September Infant Boy Box

On the left is CleanWell Disinfectant Spray (says keep out of reach of kids--so use it on their stuff, don't let them play with it!  No harsh chemicals, though)
Amazon's price is $2.94 per ounce.

Behind is a Petite Lemon Alphabet Print.  I'm pretty much the most disappointed in this part of the box. I know Petite Lemon is a super cute place to get nice kiddo poster, growth charts and what not, I just don't really need it in my box.  Its a small 8/12X11 or 8X10 piece of thick stock with the alphabet on it.  Not my favorite, and took up a lot of "cost" of the box this time.
No Amazon price, Petite Lemon's price $24.95

Rich Frog Knit Block (with Lion!) Cute, soft and cuddly.  I like it, but I just hope the dog doesn't get a hold of it!
Amazon prices Rich Frog blocks at $6.99

Miyim Knit Teether.  Again, a soft cuddly item for my infant baby boy (or a regift, if I keep getting a lot of these!)
Amazon price is $10.37

Grand total of items I LOVED:  $20.03
+ Petite Lemon's $24.95 poster.

I give the box a 3 out of 5 also because I could have spent the $20 in a different way on products I CURRENTLY need.  These are cute and fun (and new) products, I just would not have picked them this time.

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that sends you a box based on your child's gender and age! Its fun to see what other age groups get, but usually there is a theme!  The subscription is $25 per month and you can subscribe through this link.  If you use code SPRINGFUN on a 3 month or more subscription, you get 10% off!  Let me know what is your favorite!


  1. What an awesome box! I would love to get my sister a subscription to this for Christmas! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I love Citrus Lane. They have the cutest things in their monthly boxes!

  3. What an awesome box and it sounds adorable!

  4. I received the same box and was so disappointed with the "poster"... What am I supposed to do with it considering my box was to my 1 month old daughter?
    I saw other reviews online and there are others infa t box much more interesting... And with 5 items not just 4...