Healthy Child Healthy World Party Box Review

If you have not heard of the Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW) party boxes, you have been missing out. This is my third year hosting a party, and the box is no less impressive than it was last year. HCHW is a non-profit organization that works to educate the world about living a more organic lifestyle. Every year, they allow people to host a party of educate about their mission. The box is a $25 tax-deductible donation, so not only are you supporting an amazing cause, but you should be prepared to receive an amazing party box as well! I know some people were disappointed with boxes in the past, but let me share with you what happens with the party boxes . . . and this is from HCHW, who CALLED me to explain the process. That is right, I had a concern about the value of my box, and they took time out to call me and talk with me personally! Wow! Now THAT is customer service! Especially since they never guarantee the value of the box or its contents! They wanted to make sure I could see the value, and did not miss anything. I tried to include the bigger items in my box, but as you will see from the list, I think it would be about impossible to show you everything (that is how AMAZING it is!). I am breaking down the list in 2 areas: Full sized and samples. I want to note that there were probably over 100 coupons included as well, but I see those as a bonus. I know they have value and will probably lead to me getting MORE free stuff, but I am just listing the actual items that were sent-- please be aware that the value is probably at least $100 off with the coupons taken off of the value.

 Full sized:
  • Very nice sized eco bag. It almost has a canvas feel. Very thick-- perfect beach bag (or shopping!). $5.95 (based on online search)
  • Dolphin Organics Sunscreen-- 3 fl oz. $19.99 (not on Amazon, based on price found online).  Those that know me, know that I run everything through the EWG sunscreen site and this was rated a 2.
  • Burt's Bee Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment. 7.5 ounce. Amazon value: $8.99
  • Burt's Bee Baby Bee Tear Free Shampoo and Wash. 8 oz. Amazon value: $11.95
  • Ecostore Citrus Based Spray Cleaner. 17 oz. $3.95 (based on web search)
  • Bona Free and Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner 36 oz. Amazon value: $10.07
  • Nordic Berries Multivitamins- 3 grams. Amazon value: $14.00
  • Nordic Naturals Children's Nordic DHA softgels- 90 count- Amazon value: $12.71
  • Plum organics Teensy Fruits, 5 count- Amazon value: $3.23
  • 3 Clifs Kids Z Ropes- Amazon sells 18 for $13.99--Amazon value: $2.33
  • 3 Plum Organic Fruit Pouches: Amazon value for 3: $3.62
  • 10 Eco Lips Gold Lip Balm- Based on web search each values at $3.49. Value of $34.90
  • 10 coupons for free Unreal Candy. I could not find a store that sold this, but I am valuing based on current candy bar values at about $1. Value: $10
Samples and value: Please note that the idea is to have a party to introduce people to these products. Thus, the samples should be for your party guests. Values given here just to show the value of the overall box. 
  • 15 samples of Dolphin organics sunscreen (same as full sized above). .17 oz each. Value of $16.99
  • 15 samples of Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid. .5 oz each. Amazon Value of $1.15
  • Sample of Episencial Better Body Butter 3 ml. Amazon value 17 cents
  • Sample of Episencial Soothing Cream 3 ml. Amazon value 17 cents
  • 10 samples Omega 369 Junior DHA Vitamins. 2 in each sample. Amazon value: $2.82
  • 10 samples of Nordic Berries Vitamins with 2 per sample packet. Amazon value: $2.33
  • 10 samples of Prenatal DHA Nordic Naturals vitamins. 2 softgels per packet. Amazon value: $5.33
  • 5 small Luna Chocolate Peppermint stick bars. Amazon value based on per ounce value of bars: $2.33
  • Eco Store Laundry Liquid 1 oz. Based on website search value is 28 cents
  • 1 eat cleaner fruit and vegetable wipe. Amazon value 37 cents
  • Ecos Ultra Dishmate. 4 oz. Amazon value $1.12
  • Ecos Parsley Plus Cleaner. 4 oz. Amazon value 92 cents
  • Ecos Laundry Detergent. 4 oz. Amazon value 76 cents
Grand total of $179.66. This value, again, does not include the many, many coupons . . . the many postcards (to send to friends), and flyers with information. There were also 10 small color books and 10 small goody bags. This box came PACKED with stuff. You can clearly see you get more than $25 worth and it is a great way to inform your friends and family about why being eco-friendly is so very important!

For more information visit:
And it looks like you can still sign up to get your own box!


  1. This seems like a pretty cool box for just $25 and I'm always looking for an excuse to have a get together:>)

  2. O wow all that for 25.00!? That is a great deal, I'm going to check it out right now. That is so cool, Thank you for the review, and info. I love throwing parties like this for my Moms Group.

  3. Very cool! Sounds like a great party pack! Good deal too!

  4. I am going to be checking this out!